Direct search


Talent is your reliable partner when looking for executives for your organization. Our years of experience, strong industry and market expertise and our extensive network guarantee a successful direct search process.

Direct search is a suitable method for a company when there is a skills shortage in the organization, which cannot be filled by traditional search methods or cannot be found directly in one's own networks. Direct search is also suitable when you want to search for a person silently without announcing it in public. The advantage of direct search is to target the search to exactly those people whose profile is appropriate for the task. This brings certainty to the selection process. Professionally managed direct search is efficient and economical.



Our direct search service


The starting point for the success of a direct search is an in-depth knowledge of your business, organization and corporate culture. It is important for us to understand the business goals of your company and how the person you choose will influence the achievement of those goals. We define the competencies and areas of expertise required for one position, and we focus on your employer image and communicating it in the application process to our candidates.

Identification of experts


In the expert identification phase, we utilize our extensive networks and industry expertise. We comprehensively and efficiently map the right kind of experts from the market. Using our competency-based interview method, we map the candidate's level of competence and suitability for the task. In personal qualities, we pay special attention to mapping motivation and a person’s interest in moving to new challenges in your company.

Applicant experience


The direct application process is often eye-opening for our candidates. In-depth interviews and discussions about one’s own background and skills help a person clarify their own view of their career and opportunities for advancement. In our application process, we invest in active and timely communication for everyone involved in the process.



We present to your company candidates who have the appropriate skills for the position or who have a very strong development potential to succeed in the position. At the presentation of the finalists, we will jointly analyze the suitability of the competencies and personal qualities of the individual applicants for the position. Checking references is also part of our process. Your choice is also supported by work personality assessments or psychological tests.

Why Talent?


We have successfully conducted direct searches for both large listed companies and small and medium-sized companies. We have made successful direct searches at the expert, manager and management level for several industries, e.g. construction and real estate, the food industry, the electrical and infrastructure network industry, the education and service industry, the metal and engineering industry, the energy and cleantech industry, and technical wholesale.

Diverse experience with numerous successful direct searches and comprehensive networks as well as extensive industry expertise are our strengths. Our efficient and accurate process ensures success. We invest in long-term cooperation and open communication.

Finding the right people for a company is always a challenge.

Contact us, we will be happy to help!