Personnel assessments


Personnel assessments support you in the selection process and provide valuable additional information about the employee’s suitability for the job and your organization. We aim to minimize the risk factors related to recruitment by determining, for example, the applicant's level of motivation, sociality, cooperation skills and natural behavioral style. We also use assessments to identify an individual’s ability and future potential. Evaluation can also be used to predict a candidate’s potential success in leadership and supervisory positions.


Hogan evaluation


We use the Hogan appraisal method to assess leadership skills in recruitment and staff development situations. Hogan has been developed to predict a person’s success in their future role. A person's response to pressure and crisis situations can also be anticipated as a special feature.

  • Management skills assessment method in recruitment
  • Development of management and subordinate skills
  • Development of teamwork
  • Career planning

DISC profiles and coaching to develop interaction, work community and managerial skills


Everything DiSC® and Work of Leaders® profiles and coaching help you understand your own inherent way of working and diversity. In our coaching, you will gain the skills and ability to meet different people both in the work community and as clients with hands-on exercises and tools. At the same time, more confidential and productive teamwork can be built, whether it is a sales team or a management team.

The DISC profile is created from an online survey and a profile based on the responses. DISC describes four behaviors as dominant D, impressive I, stable S, and conscientious C.

360 ° supervisor evaluation and coaching


Through the continuous development of supervisory work, you improve the company's performance and well-being at work in the organization. With a 360 ° measurement, the supervisor receives important feedback from both his staff and the supervisor, and at the same time he evaluates his own success in his areas of responsibility. The result is a 360 ° view of managerial work where there has been good or excellent success and where there is room for improvement. After the online survey, it is a good idea to go through with the coach how the supervisor utilizes the results in everyday life. Our coach supports the organization and supervisors in development according to your wishes, for example with a four-month coaching program.

In our measurements, reports can be compiled e.g.
• Flexibility and confidence 360 ° (dealing with conflicts, preparing for change or finding missing lyrics to support development)
• 360 ° leadership (18 key areas of leadership)
• Competent supervisor 360 ° (self-management, conditions management and confidence building)
• Classic 360 ° (performance management, nine areas)

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