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Talente as a company



Success comes from motivated and well-chosen people. We have the skills and competences to implement a successful recruitment process. We can find the right and competent factors for your company efficiently and securely by means of direct search, notification search or network search.

The basis of our operations is responsibility and reliability. We create long-term partnerships and act as a close partner and advisor to our customers in the resourcing and development of our personnel. As the world changes, we are able to operate dynamically and flexibly to support our customers' organization.

Our strength is extensive business expertise. Our consultants have experienced and also held positions of responsibility in different industries. Effective cooperation starts with a deep understanding of the customer's business.

Sustainability also means valuing and supporting our applicants. We communicate openly and keep our promises towards our applicants as well. We invest in excellent applicant experience and spar with our applicants in the career.

The purpose of our existence is to do our work with passion, to develop and grow with our customers every day. And when the world changes, we find the important experts in our customers who help the organization grow and develop in the company's evolution.





Our work is based on long-term cooperation with the customer.


With confidential and open cooperation, we help our customers succeed.


We encourage, inspire and support each other.


We are constantly striving to develop and learn together.We strive to use digitality and artificial intelligence in our operations.


We value diversity and treat all our stakeholders with appreciation, transparency and balance.

For us, responsibility also means respecting people and the surrounding society and the environment in everything we do. As a company, we donate a small percentage of each completed assignment to the work against climate change. In addition, on a personal level, we compensate for the load generated on flights through our carbon footprint compensation services.