Coaching and organizational development


Talente is a reliable partner in the development of your staff. Our experts have years of experience in coaching staff in many fields.

Our coaching is suitable for the company when your goal is to develop managerial work, management teams or teams. As our partner, we help you find new expertise in your organization and to strengthen the skills and capabilities of your existing personnel. Our coaching is participatory, dialogueal training, where learning and experimenting with new practices can be immediately implemented in the staff work sheet.

Manager coaching


Our manager training supports managerial work in a pragmatic way, providing both knowledge and skill, but also tools for managerial challenges and situations. It is important for us to understand your desire for leadership work and the culture of the organisation. Managerial work can contribute to both performance, employee satisfaction and many other things. Our coach's up-to-date expertise and experience in many fields support learning towards modern leadership. Our coaching covers both the training of a new manager and the training of an already experienced supervisor.

Learning teams


In a rapidly changing business environment, the winners are agile and learning organizations. Such organisations are built on diverse learning teams that share the skills of learning, which work together to solve problems and develop new skills in the organisation. Strong trust, openness and respect for diversity in the team enable learning together. Contact us and we'll help you build teams that are learning.

Management Team or Board of Directors coaching


Cooperation, trust and use of strengths of the Management Team are key to the company's performance. The diversity of the members of the Management Team, the different strengths and competences support business decision-making. However, cooperation within the Management Group or the Board of Directors can be challenging. In our coaching, you will find practical ways to improve cooperation, create more dialogue management meetings and find the right decisions in a complex operating environment, thereby increasing competitiveness and strengthening the company's position in the future.

Management Coaching


Our personal coaching program supports the supervisor for 3 to 6 months at the beginning of the manager's work or to an experienced supervisor when the work changes. We support the role in taking over, early challenges and work performance. We also organise group coaching meetings for managers to give managers a joint sparring and support of the group. Our coaches are certified in the industry.

Other coaching


We carry out various customized trainings according to your needs. Themes can relate, for example, to improving interaction skills and work community skills (DISC), value and strategy workshops, and sales skills. In our future workshops, we are creating an understanding of future working life skills, skills claims, digital solutions or changes in customer behaviour due to work breaks in the organisation.


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