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Success comes from motivated and well-chosen people. We have the skills and competences to implement a successful recruitment process. We can find the right and competent factors in your corporate culture effectively and securely through direct search, notification or network search. We also take care of conveying your company's employer image throughout the process and support your supervisors in selection situations. Our experienced experts will also help you if you want to develop leadership work, leadership teams or team activities.

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Turn to us when you're looking for a specialist for expert, managerial and management positions. In the application process, we take into account your corporate culture and support the good employer image of your company and guarantee applicants an excellent applicant experience.

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Direct Search

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With direct search, we can find a key person in management and expert positions in challenging market situations efficiently and accurately. The success is driven by a deep understanding of your industry and our strong business expertise and our precise process. We can complete the direct search with our management training.

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Evaluation service

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The assessment of the person will provide valuable additional information on the applicant in support of recruitment to ensure the suitability of the applicant for the job applied for. We recognize the applicant's strengths and motivation and development potential. We offer an evaluation service as part of the recruitment or coaching process.

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Outplacement - Change Security

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We prepare the management to face the challenges of organisational changes. We tailor the Outplacement service that suits the change situation, where we take care of the management's readiness for organisational change as well as supporting and guiding employees in the event of a career change.

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With our versatile coaching services, we help your company succeed. We will give you a skilled coach to develop your organization's sales, managerial and management team skills. We help you build learning diverse teams. Our coaching is participatory, dialogueal training, where learning and experimenting with new practices can be immediately implemented in the staff work sheet.

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HR -Services

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With expert HR services, we ensure that the company's personnel services are up to date. Our HR professionals build and develop successful HR management processes to meet the needs and support of your organisation.

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