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We are your trusted partner in finding a job that matches your skills. We invest in an excellent applicant experience and hope that you will find through us a task where you can best develop yourself and take advantage of your skills. Our consultants will be happy to assist and spar with your career.


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We also offer personal career consulting. We create a job search strategy that suits you and teach you how to make effective use of different search channels and social media. We update your CV and prepare you for different interview situations. We will help you to highlight your strengths and skills in job interviews. In addition, we will guide you to avoid various incidents.

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Check out our vacancies on our job search portal and submit your application and CV to a task that interests you. We also do a lot of direct searches, so you can also submit an open application to us, so we'll take your skills into account the next time the appropriate task comes open for us.


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You can also submit your open application to us and tell us about your skills and what kind of tasks you are not interested in. We specialize in direct search, so we'd be happy to take your skills into account when the task that fits your profile next time is open.

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