We help your company find the right experts for expert, managerial and managerial positions. From our services, we can choose the recruitment service that best suits your situation. We carry out recruitments efficiently and carefully. We actively keep in touch with our clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process and at the same time strengthen the client's good image as an employer. We have received excellent feedback on the applicant experiences from both our applicants and our customers.

Ad search


Ad search brings visibility to your company and effectively reaches active job seekers. Together, we select the most appropriate notification channels and design the notifications according to your wishes. We handle the entire recruitment process flexibly and cost-effectively, saving resources. We broadly divide your search into different search channels and use social media to target your search.

Network search


Network search is a small-scale direct search, with which we reach experts from outside the ad search, utilizing our extensive networks and social media. With a combined network and announcement search, we find candidates with the right level of expertise for the position to be applied for, thus guaranteeing a high-quality group of finalists.

Inhouse recruitment


We also offer in-house recruitment services, in which case we act as a partner in the company's internal recruitment processes. We handle Inhouse recruitments flexibly and professionally together with the key personnel responsible for recruitment.

Personnel assessments


Expert assessments carried out with expertise provide valuable additional information to support the selection process. Personnel assessments indicate an employee's suitability for a future job. Personnel assessments also aim to minimize risk factors related to recruitment. Personnel assessments can be carried out as part of Talente's recruitment process or as a separate additional service.


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